Her Wellness Workshop

Doors are now open!!

-The Her Wellness Workshop is an 8 week group coaching program that focuses on helping you learn how to reconnect with yourself so that you can create a personalized self care plan that not only helps you get results, but also works within your busy lifestyle.

Self Care Planning 101

Learn how plan and manage your self care around your busy lifestyle and build a wellness fund so that you can enjoy it without the guilt.

Wellness Ramp up

30 days of intense mindfulness, planning, and prepping to help you gradually build healthy habits and routines into your lifestyle.


Her Wellness Builder

Learn how to plan, track, and manage your health and wellness journey around your families schedule that allows you to reach your goals and build them into a sustainable lifestyle.

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Four Corners of Wellness

Learn how to improve your self care through the power of journaling so that you can identify and focus on the main 4 areas of your health that you want to improve.