Stickers & Journaling Cards Make everything better

Use these cute elements to spark your creative energy and inspire you on your wellness journey. 

What type of stickers are there?

  • Functional Stickers

    Need a sticker to keep your reminders, to do's, bills, and all the things in order?
    Then this is where you want to go.

  • Decorative Stickers

    For the creative minimalist. These stickers are perfect to help you bring FUN into your functional planner.

  • Mini Kits

    Our Mini kits give you a little bit of everything to use in your wellness planner or journals. 

  • Die Cuts

    These are larger single stickers that can be great to decorate your planner, journal, water bottle, etc.

  • Boxes

    Simple yet functional sticker boxes that you can fill in with anything you want and mix and match all.

  • Scripts

    These are worded stickers that you can use over and over for various things that are constantly happening verses re-writing them.