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Her Wellness Box


per quarter + $9.95 shipping

By subscribing to this subscription box you are agreeing to pay $104.95/quarter ($95+$9.95 shipping) from the date of your purchase to secure your box for the upcoming release. 

When Will I get my box?

Refunds and Cancellations

Current Shipping Months are as follow for 2021:
SPRING BOX 3/29-4/4 Billing Cycle Boxes will be shipped out 4/19/2021
SUMMER BOX 7/29-8/4 Billing Cycle Box will be shipped out 8/21/2021

FALL BOX 10/29-11/4 Billing Cycle Boxes will be shipped out 11/18/2021

WINTER BOX 1/28-2/04/ Billing Cycle
*These are tentative dates. Dates are subject to change depending on our vendors if there is a delay in materials being shipped. You will be notified if there is and will be made aware of the updates. 

Due to the nature of this box we do not accept returns since all materials are pre-ordered to the amount of subscriptions received at the close of the billing/ordering cycle. CANCELLATION - If you no longer wish to receive any more boxes in the future you may cancel at any time. Your final box will be based on the last billing cycle. If you DO NOT want to receive the upcoming box you MUST cancel your subscription prior to the next billing cycle in order not to be billed. Refunds will not be issued.