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Review Of Literature On Academic Achievement

The literature review is of paramount importance to update the current information and trend of research on factors that influence the academic performance of students at the senior high school level. This is hoped to provide the gaps and areas that need to be researched for the betterment of educational systems.

  • Apr 20, 2020Academic Achievement of Home-schooled Students: Literature Review. April 20, 2020 edufreedom 6 Comments. In cooperation with the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, Dr. Lindsey Burke of the Heritage Foundation authored this literature review of "...the academic outcomes of homeschooling students in the United States." DOWNLOAD NOW.

  • Teacher-Based Judgments of Academic Achievement: A Review of Literature Robert D. Hoge Carleton University and Theodore Coladarci University of Maine Thefocus of this paper is on data reflecting the match between teacher-based assessments of students' achievement levels and an objective measure of student learning. These data

  • Jan 01, 2021The literature review is of paramount im portance to upd ate the current info r- mation and trend of re search on factors that influence the acade mic perform- ance of students at the senior high.

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