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Hi I'm Apolonia!


I'm a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach who specializes in teaching momprenuers how to manage their emotions & improve their self care through wellness planning & faith journaling. My mission is to help momprenuers who are struggling with limiting beliefs & identity loss in motherhood create systems, routines, and habits that help them live a healthy & sustainable lifestyle so that they don't have to rely on anti-depressants to be present with their families. As a certified Christian life coach with over 7 years experience within the wellness coaching industry I'm able to infuse faith based principles along with my love of  planning & journaling into each of my coaching programs to help clients build lasting change.

If you're wanting to take your self care journey to the next level, but not sure where to start book a free a 15 minute wellness consultation to see which program would best fit your needs.

"Self care planning is more than just something you do. It's giving yourself permission to create and  live in alignment with the things that matter most to you."
-Apolonia Cross

What are you interested in?


Self Discovery & Healing  Motherhood Trauma

Do you feel like you've lost yourself since becoming a mom? 
Get help with rebuilding your identity and learning how to managing your emotional triggers so you can parent from a healthy place.


Mindset & Wellness Coaching

Put yourself back at the top of your priorities list and learn how to create sustainable self care activities that help you ditch mom guilt, overcome limiting beliefs, and get you back to being your best self.


Lifestyle & Wellness Planning 

Struggling to reach your goals and keep up with all the things?
Learn how to create healthy habits, routines, and boundaries around your busy schedule that support your dreams and family lifestyle.

Book a Life Coaching Call

If you're not 100% sure exactly where to start consider booking a wellness consultation.

"She helped me with developing a plan and by the end of our session I had accomplished one of my goals we had talked about. I left the session with a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders."

LaMika Odums, NC 

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Grow and build your spiritual muscles  with the 7 day devotional workbook

Plan & Chat with us on youtube!

This podcast is the perfect tool for any mother and entrepreneur looking to prioritize their self-care and wellness. Listen to inspiring conversations featuring guests from various industries, as they share their successes, failures and lessons learnt on their journey to living a balanced life. Take away helpful tips, advice and strategies to help you make the most out of your own motherhood and entrepreneurial journey. Tune in today to start your own self-care wellness journey.

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