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  • Her Wellness Workshop

    -The Her Wellness Workshop is a 8 week group coaching program that focuses on helping you learn how to reconnect with yourself so that you can create a personalized self care plan that not only helps you get results, but also works within your busy lifestyle.

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  • How to personalize your self care with my mini self care worksheet.

    When was the last time you took the time to really ask yourself what you wanted?? Honestly... think about that. When most people think of self care they think of getting their hair and nails done, getting a massage, doing some shop therapy, maybe exercising, or eating healthy right? While all those things are great ways to help you take care of yourself they're just may surface level fixes. Real self care is forever changing and evolving as we are in our lives which is why the very first thing to do is pause and reflect so we can see exactly which areas of our life that we're feeling the most imbalanced so we can start creating a plan for our self care. This is why I created the self care mini worksheet for you to do just that. If you're feeling lost or disconnected, but know that something needs to change so you can start being the best version of YOU again then download your copy my mini self care worksheet and watch the video on how to use them in your planner. One great thing about these worksheets is that they're very universal! Once you've done the exercise you can cut them out and use them to decorate your planners for inspiration, motivation, accountability, appointment reminders, just about anything your heart desires! I actually used the brain dumping sheet in my own wellness planner to help me set my goals and intentions before heading into the holidays which as we all know the holidays are the most wonderful AND hectic time of the year. With that being said it's important to pause and reflect to get your head on right so when the hustle and bustle of the season starts to get to you you can refer back to these sheets to help you get back into the joyful spirit. You can watch the plan with me video here for some inspiration!

  • What’s in my Summer Planner line up for 2020 and and how I use Multiple planners to help me tr

    Plans on top of plans… on top of plans, on top of MORE plans!! Is it really necessary to use that many planners? For some people it’s doing way too much, but this mama…Yes 1000%!!! Every single one is needed and used in different ways to help me keep track of all the different areas of my life that are important to me. Some I use strictly for personal, others for business, and some are for fun, but each one is essential. For years I tried to focus on using only one planner to use for EVERYthing and could never find “planner peace”. I’d use it for a few months then realized I needed more space to write, something more compact, or something more detailed and structured. By the end of the year I’d end up with a bunch of half used planners and lots of frustration. I share more in detail in my latest live video on facebook how I use each individual one as well as share a few tips to help you decide which one would be good for you to add into your planner lineup. Watch the full replay below

  • 5 questions to journal to help you process your emotions through tough times.

    As you all know these last few months have been no joke with the world pandemic of COVID-19 affect us all very differently. Some more so than others and for some it seems like if it’s not one thing than it’s another. Then for the black community and the American culture as we know it the aftermath of police brutality and the enlightening of racism across the country following the death of George Floyd left a lot of us feeling very confused and unsure as to how to process all that’s going. Getting through the tough seasons of life are never easy, but they’re also not impossible. However you’re feeling right now just know that you’re not the only one feeling this way and that it will take time to get through this, but you can’t just sit there and sulk. You have to actively take action to working your way through the valley to get to the top of the mountain. I recently did a live journaling exercise on my facebook page to help people with processing their emotions so they can move forward. If you’re one of those feeling all of the feels I highly encourage you to watch the replay and do this journaling practice yourself.

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  • Health And Wellness Coaching | Plan Her Way to Fit

    Welcome to our store Shop Now To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Her Wellness Subscription Box NOW ACCEPTING NEW SUBSCRIBERS! Fusing together all things self care, wellness, and stationary into one box! Learn more Courses Learn how to plan and take your wellness journey to the next level with our courses. Learn more Plan and connect with us on social

  • Planners And Journaling Supplies | Plan Her Way to Fit

    See What's New Quick View Let it Flow Mug Price $14.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch (Lavendar) Price $19.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch White Price $19.95 New Quick View Her Wellness Box Let's Heal Edition Price $110.00 Quick View Let it Flow Mug Price $14.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch (Lavendar) Price $19.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch White Price $19.95 New Quick View Her Wellness Box Let's Heal Edition Price $110.00 Let's Heal Collection Working on your Soul Care? The let's heal collection was designed to inspire and nurture your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Shop Collection Her Wellness Subscription Box Want a subscription box that's uniquely themed and designed to help you improve improve your wellness journey? Then this box is for you! Learn More Clothing & Apparel Coming soon Stay tuned Sign up for our newsletter Inserts, accessories, and more See Collection Planners and Journals See Collection Stickers & Journaling Cards See Collection Her Wellness Planning Box See Collection How to use our products Coming Soon All Videos Quick View Let it Flow Mug Price $14.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch (Lavendar) Price $19.95 Quick View Let it Flow Pouch White Price $19.95 New Quick View Her Wellness Box Let's Heal Edition Price $110.00 New Quick View Faith Full kit Price $19.00 New Quick View Eat Pray Bloom Mini Kit Price $10.00 New Quick View Spiritual Healing Mini kit Price $10.00 New Quick View Wellness Full kit Price $19.00 New Quick View Let's Heal journaling cards Price $4.00 New Quick View Healing and Self Reflection Notepads Price $12.00 Quick View Deep Clean Day Checklist (Classic 7x9.25) Price $5.00 New Quick View Let it Flow (white) Price $39.95 New Quick View Let it Flow Tumbler Price $39.95 New Quick View Black and Beautiful Price $5.00 Quick View Workin' on a new me Price $5.00 Quick View Me Time Price $5.00 New Quick View Work from home Mini Kit Price $5.00 New Quick View Balance Price $5.00 New Quick View Spiritual Flow & Confident Beauty set Price $5.00 New Quick View Legs & Abs Check Price $5.00 Load More

  • Subscribe | Apolonia Cross

    Claim your box! Her Wellness Box $95 per quarter + $9.95 shipping By subscribing to this subscription box you are agreeing to pay $104.95/quarter ($95+$9.95 shipping) from the date of your purchase to secure your box for the upcoming release. When Will I get my box? Refunds and Cancellations SPRING BOX 3/29-4/4 Billing Cycle Boxes will be shipped out 4/19/2021 SUMMER BOX 7/29-8/4 Billing Cycle Box will be shipped out 8/21/2021 Current Shipping Months are as follow for : 2021 FALL BOX 10/29-11/4 Billing Cycle Boxes will be shipped out 11/18/2021 WINTER BOX 1/28-2/04/ Billing Cycle * These are tentative dates. Dates are subject to change depending on our vendors if there is a delay in materials being shipped. You will be notified if there is and will be made aware of the updates. Due to the nature of this box we do not accept returns since all materials are pre-ordered to the amount of subscriptions received at the close of the billing/ordering cycle. CANCELLATION - If you no longer wish to receive any more boxes in the future you may cancel at any time. Your final box will be based on the last billing cycle. If you DO NOT want to receive the upcoming box you MUST cancel your subscription prior to the next billing cycle in order not to be billed. Refunds will not be issued.

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