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Journaling your way through times of Crisis

Taking time to process things

I’m sure you’re all in just as much shock as I am about how the effects of the corona virus (COVID–19) is having on our world and even more concerned about how it’s affecting our families daily lifestyles. For us here in the US it’s been NOTHING, but panic, fear, and overwhelm. As minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, more and more news is being flooded out from the government and spread across every single social media platform available about school shutdowns, layoffs, mass businesses closing, and mandated “Stay in home” policy till further notice to help “flatten the curb”. In less than a few weeks our country goes from normal to lock down mode our entire world at home is being turned upside down. It’s just a lot to take in all at once. Especially for this mama of 6 with one on the way there’s so much concern, confusion, and so little time that we’ve had to process all of this and figure things out to make adjustments so that our kids feel as little impact as possible. Going from attending public schools to strictly homeschooling till further notice while the schools are shut down in itself a HUGE adjustment. Explaining to the kids why they’re not allowed to come with us to the stores anymore or trying to find new ways to keep them entertained, happy, and keep the fighting to a minimum while we’re all home indefinitely is another challenge in itself. I’ve personally NEVER wanted to home school my kids. There’s definitely some benefits and we have given it some thought before, but deep down I knew that I wouldn’t be able to have the patients to do it when homework time has been a headache and that’s only for like 2 hours with just 2 assignments…maybe(unless it’s math then add an extra hour). Now to be homeschooling 6 kids all at once from grade pre-k to high school in a single scroll is like wait what?!?! My mind instantly wants to freak out and say “No I can’t do this!! I don’t know how to do this. Where do I even begin?” and the feeling of wanting to shut down and cry as the tension continues to build up creeps in. Are you feeling like that too?? If you are it’s TOTALLY ok love. Know you’re NOT alone. It’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to be unsure. It’s ok NOT to be ok right now girl for real. Now more than ANY time is totally ok to feel like you’re going to fall apart. I’ve only listed the effects that it’s having on my family too and my concerns. I haven’t even addressed the struggles of some you are facing like not even being able to work anymore, because your job shut down. Trying to figure out how you’ll be able to feed your kids especially for my moms who have babies that are DEPENDING on bottled water for their formula and there’s no more of EITHER in the stores or to order at the moment. My heart feels for you all. These are such crazy and uncertain times that we’re living in right now and the one thing that we MUST and I TRULY mean MUST do for our families is pause, reflect, plan, and prep.

In the midst of all the craziness going on yes we need to be taking MASSIVE ACTION to do what we MUST be done to take care of our families, but I can guarantee you that you’d be much better at taking care of them being in a calm state and have a level head on your shoulders. We all know the saying “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t NO ONE happy” #facts. It’s BEYOND true on a regular day when the kids are testing your patience now add this to the cake it can be a whole new level if we let it.

Pause and Reflect

Now, before you go out in full wonder woman gear to muscle your way through all of this RIGHT AWAY take a few minutes to journal and reflect. I know you might be thinking “Wait…journal?? What the heck is that gonna do? I have more things that need to get done like NOW I don’t have time to sit and write.” Yes you do. All you need is AT LEAST 10-15 minutes to let all of your thoughts feelings, emotions, and tears if need be to come out of you and on to paper so you can express yourself in a safe place and allow yourself to mentally work your way through everything going on right now. Find a quiet space in your house you can get away and be alone for a few minutes. I promise you the kids will be ok for a few minutes. Even if you have to lock yourself in the pantry, bathroom, closet, sit in the car in the garage, or wherever you can find quiet and peace at DO IT and get to writing. Get creative and figure it out cause YOU need to take care of YOU right now. Don’t forget to to grab a notebook to take with you. If you don’t have a journal, planner, or dedicated notebook to use to reflect on no worries. You can use ANY form of paper and pen. No need to get fancy at all right now. Just need to get your thoughts and feelings out to help you think through this situation before you try to respond to anything. I promise you, once you can get all of those negative energies and thoughts out of your head you’ll feel so much better and be able to think your way through the best course of action to take for yourself and for your family.

Stay strong and healthy mama it’s gonna be ok. XoXo, Apolonia

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