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What’s in my Summer Planner line up for 2020 and and how I use Multiple planners to help me tr

Plans on top of plans… on top of plans, on top of MORE plans!! Is it really necessary to use that many planners? For some people it’s doing way too much, but this mama…Yes 1000%!!! Every single one is needed and used in different ways to help me keep track of all the different areas of my life that are important to me. Some I use strictly for personal, others for business, and some are for fun, but each one is essential. For years I tried to focus on using only one planner to use for EVERYthing and could never find “planner peace”. I’d use it for a few months then realized I needed more space to write, something more compact, or something more detailed and structured. By the end of the year I’d end up with a bunch of half used planners and lots of frustration.

I share more in detail in my latest live video on facebook how I use each individual one as well as share a few tips to help you decide which one would be good for you to add into your planner lineup. Watch the full replay below

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