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5 questions to journal to help you process your emotions through tough times.

As you all know these last few months have been no joke with the world pandemic of COVID-19 affect us all very differently. Some more so than others and for some it seems like if it’s not one thing than it’s another. Then for the black community and the American culture as we know it the aftermath of police brutality and the enlightening of racism across the country following the death of George Floyd left a lot of us feeling very confused and unsure as to how to process all that’s going. Getting through the tough seasons of life are never easy, but they’re also not impossible. However you’re feeling right now just know that you’re not the only one feeling this way and that it will take time to get through this, but you can’t just sit there and sulk. You have to actively take action to working your way through the valley to get to the top of the mountain. I recently did a live journaling exercise on my facebook page to help people with processing their emotions so they can move forward. If you’re one of those feeling all of the feels I highly encourage you to watch the replay and do this journaling practice yourself.

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