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Fighting Against Racism for Equality and Peace

As a wife and mom of a mult-racial law enforcement family I pray that you hear my voice and feel my heart….#alllivesmatter


Our family represents what our ancestors sacraficed their lives for as well as all the great civil rights leaders DREAMED of what could be possible. People who were born out of LOVE not hate for one another and raised to live, treat, and, respect people by their actions not from the color of their skin. However, growing up Filipino and black I personally know what its like to be stereotyped and discriminated against by whites as well as those who share the same nationality as me. Being told “you’re not black” because I was light skinned or quizzed on where my family in the Philippines was from to verify I TRULY was one of them was a CONSTANT and still is as an adult.

My husband experienced similar discrimination being black, white, and native american throughout his youth and even now as a law enforcement officer from both inmates and others who wear the badge. My boys know what it feels like to be followed home from school being called the N word and then being scared to go to school the next day. They also understand that not all law enforcement officers are bad and are doing their best to serve and protect their communities trying to make a difference from the inside out just like daddy and his friends.

Yet we still have to have these conversations about being safe on ALL ends with them. How to appriciate, speak, and conduct themselves around officers because some WILL first look at their skin then second their behaviors. How to stand up for themselves, their cultures, and the equality their ancestors faught for. We also have the conversations of how to be safe in public if daddy is recognized by an inmate who wants to cause us or him harm.

Not many people understand what it’s like to feel worried, scared, angry, or sad from LITERALLY all sides yet still have to find the strength to process, guide, educate, and protect their loved ones, but we do.

Not all officers are racist or filled with hate just like not all blacks are thugs trying to cause issues. We all just want to live happily and peacefully together and make this country as safe as possible for the next generation. LOOTING, RIOTING, AND RAISING ARMS against each other only continues to FUEL THE FIRE with more hate, pain, and heartache. Many officers have lost their lives due to these riots both whites AND blacks yet they were only trying to do their duty. Some wife can’t tell her husband I love you any more and has to tell her kids daddy isn’t coming home. Some mom is scared for her children who have still yet to start walking and don’t even know what colors are let alone what race they are.

WE are also angry and upset at the injustice that is being done to US and our people, but we are PLEADING with you all to stop the violence. Love, lock arms with, and EDUCATE people who were born of white privilege so they can hear us, learn, and help us make the change in a positive way. By speaking out YOUR truth on the matter and fight to make a difference peacefully breaking down barriers from the inside out so that there is MORE diversity and voices to speak up and be heard is how we will make the BIGGEST impact and change in this country.

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