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Client Contract



I am pleased that you are interested in life coaching services. Below you will find a full description of the services provided. You are not obligated to sign or attend or schedule any life coaching session against your will/desire.


A life coach is not a licensed counselor/therapist. I will not provide counseling or therapy services. A Christian life coach will provide direction based on presenting concerns and futuristic goals. A Christian life coach seeks to encourage your relationship with Jesus Christ as a means to enrich your spiritual life. A life coach will not be forceful rather encouraging. A life coach is not a leader but a partner as you journey through life.


Coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone  or via zoom video conferencing. The method of communication is based on preference and availability. Sessions can be scheduled in advance or at the convenience of both life coach and client.


The following packages are available with Apolonia Cross at Plan Her Way to Fit, LLC:

Single Coaching Services 1 hour each

Pricing Plans Packages : Sessions do not roll over-must use within time frame**

4 Sessions for the month (1 hour each)

 8 Sessions for 2 months (1 hour each)

14 Sessions for 3 months (1 hour each)
26 Sessions for 6 Months (1 hour each)


Please read thoroughly and forward any questions, comments, concerns, or needs for clarification to (


*All sessions/packages are non-refundable* All sessions must be used in a month’s time frame. Sessions do not roll over but are simply lost. The life coach will always make availability for client to receive scheduled sessions. If for any reason the coach needs to miss a session and reschedule, she will do so within the month. If not, that session will roll over. If you need to cancel or reschedule a simple email will suffice. There are NO fees for canceled or rescheduled sessions. Multiple “No notice” missed sessions could result in termination from the life coaching services.

Thanks for submitting!

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