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Learn how to use the power of creative journaling to rediscover your true self without feeling the need to use antidepressants

Meet your coach

Apolonia Cross is a mindset & wellness coach who specializes in teaching momprenuers how to use creative journaling to improve their self care & manage their mental health without the need to use antidepressants. 

As a LEO(law enforcement wife) & mom of 4 who's struggled with anxiety & depression herself Apolonia understands from experience just how difficult it can be to raise a family while you're battling your emotions. Which is why she is SO passionate about helping other mama's find the balance in the chaos of motherhood and entrepreneurship so that they can thrive with their families.

If you're interested in working with Apolonia further for collaborations and/or are interested in coaching services book a Discovery Call to see what services would best fit your needs.

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