Spring Clean your Lifestyle in 90 Days

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With Daylight savings time about to begin and all the pretty flowers are getting ready to bloom this is the time when everyone is thinking about getting all the clutter out of their house and getting things re-organized. Well what if your home the only things that needed to be cleaned out? What if there’s MULTIPLE areas of our lives and that you’re wanting to work on improving like your health, your mindset, finances, relationship with your kids, eating better, or you want to simply bring more joy back into your lifestyle cause you’re simply just not happy? Trying to narrow all the different things we want to work on improving in our lives can seem almost impossible when you first think about it and can make any mom want to rip her head off for adding one extra thing to clean to the never ending TO DO list, but it’ doesn’t mean we should continue neglecting them either.

You might be thinking though… “Where do I even start?” “I don’t have the time.” “What do I do first?” These are all good questions to be asking yourself and the best way to do that is by putting pen to paper with a good old fashion BRAIN DUMP. Whether you’re familiar with that phrase or not brain dumping is a GREAT way to help you think through things and can be very therapeutic. The world we live in is going so fast now a days that we’re constantly being bombarded with dings, notifications, advertisements, opinions, and just simply information overload at all times which makes it hard to process anything. (Not to mention that’s not even including the MOM LIFE distractions…Lord KNOWS that’s like a whole other mess in it’s self so let’s NOT go there.) To help you organize all that chaos brain dumping is a great way to slow the world around you down, help you get re-centered, reconnected and focused on what YOU truly want for yourself and your family. So grab your pen and a piece of paper and let’s declutter that big beautiful brain of yours!

How do I get started?

Now before you start overthinking this process let’s get one thing VERY clear. Brain dumping doesn’t have to be glamorous with beautiful stickers, all the washi tape, or any form of colorful at first. If you’re a planner babe like me and LOVE to craft your heart out in your planner or journal this is NOT the time to do that. Your ENTIRE goal RIGHT NOW is to get whatever you’re thinking, feeling, and questioning out of your head and on to that bank piece of paper in front of you. It might be boring at first, but stick with me here. I promise there’s a total method to the madness. Once you have it all written down and have fully completed this exercise THEN you can start to organize and glam it up later. For now though let’s concentrate on helping you clean out your jam packed head before we cover it up with a sticker.

Start with a Question

Every good brain dump begins with either asking yourself a question or choosing an area of focus you want to work on, but need to still break down a little further. For this exercise in particular the BIG question you want you want to ask yourself is “What area of focus is bothering you the MOST right now in your life that you’d like to work on improving?” Don’t over think what you should write down just put the pen to paper and write it all out. These can be as big or as small as you want them it’s totally up to you. For example, do you want to start eating better because you’re tired of feeling sluggish or want to feel more confident in your clothes? Great! Write it down. Do you want to focus on managing your finances better so you have more time to enjoy buying something nice for yourself without feeling guilty about it? AWESOME, write that down too!! There’s no right or wrong answers here, just thoughts, ideas, and feelings that we need to get out of your head and on to paper so you can narrow it down and figure out your self care plan later. If you need more ideas on what to write down I share some of my own personal ones in the video below.

Categorize & Prioritize

Now that you have all your big beautiful thoughts, ideas, goals, and dreams down lets categorize them. By going through your brain dump and putting each of things you want to work on in categories you’ll be able to better identify exactly which parts of your lifestyle it is that you’re feeling you need the most work on and be able to prioritize it that way too. When categorizing things I like to use highlighters. It just makes it some much easier to visually see everything faster than simple black ink on white paper. Can you categorize them with colored stickers? Yea sure, but highlighters are just as good and actually faster than searching for the perfect colored stickers to use. Like I said there will be plenty of time to get sticker happy and all of that later on so if you can hold off and just highlight.

Get Specific & Break it down

Alright so you got it all down on to paper and out of your head? Check! Did you put them into categories? YUP! PERFECT! Let’s figure out which ones are the most MEANINGFUL t